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Goodnight Renewal Cream

Goodnight Renewal Cream

Restorative anti-aging overnight moisturiser | 50 ml
Dream Repair Eye Oil

Dream Repair Eye Oil

Revitalising overnight eye treatment oil | 15 ml
Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream 50 ML

Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream

Ultra-hydrating, revitalising facial cream | 50 ml
F121100 lores wit

Bio-Barrier Peeling Exfoliant

Triple action skin perfecting exfoliant | 100 ml
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Gotu Kola

Let's Talk Ingredients - Centella Asiatica


We work with natural ingredients, always. Let's findout the functioning of each ingredient we use in our products.

Attention, skincare aficionados! Dive into the ancient botanical world and unearth the holistic magic of Centella Asiatica, more fondly known as Gotu Kola.

Likami PLUS Firmness elasticity 1

Hailing from the wetlands of Asia, this perennial herb has been a staple in traditional medicine for centuries. Revered in ancient healing practices, its transition into modern skincare is a testament to its enduring efficacy.

The Essence of Centella Asiatica in Skincare:

  • Wound Healing Wizard: Centella Asiatica is celebrated for its ability to support wound healing by stimulating skin cell production and movement. It is a gift for those aiming to mend scars or other minor blemishes.
  • Collagen Cultivator: Gotu Kola assists in promoting collagen synthesis, a vital protein for youthful and resilient skin. It's a boon for those seeking to combat signs of aging.
  • Hydration Hero: Its triterpenoids (natural compounds) strengthen the skin, boost antioxidants, and increase the moisture content of the skin, paving the way for a well-hydrated complexion.
  • Soothing Sensation: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Centella Asiatica is a blessing for sensitive or irritated skin, promising calm and comfort.

Ready to experience the botanical brilliance of Centella Asiatica? Dive into the Likami Plus serums Skin Redness and Firmness & Elasticitiy formulas. Both are infused with the rejuvenating essence of Centella Asiatica, tailored to revitalize, renew, and refresh, bringing the best of nature to your skincare routine.

Amidst all the buzz in skincare, Centella Asiatica remains a standout. Rooted in ancient wisdom yet perfect for today's needs, it's nature's answer to radiant, healthy skin. Every time you choose Centella Asiatica, you're choosing timeless skincare.

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