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Likami-Dream Repair Eye Oil

Dream Repair Eye Oil

Revitalising overnight eye treatment oil | 15 ml
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Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream

Ultra-hydrating, revitalising facial cream | 50 ml
Likami-Bio-Barrier Peeling Exfoliant

Bio-Barrier Peeling Exfoliant

Triple action skin perfecting exfoliant | 100 ml
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Body Lotion

Caring & hydrating body lotion | 200 ml
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Matcha Energy Bites

Healthy Recipes - Matcha chia seeds energy bites


Always treat your skin kindly and optimise your nutrition by eating antioxidant-rich fruit and vegatables, healthy fats from oily fish and nuts, and a varied and balanced diet. Your skin will thank you!

Matcha Energy Bites

Fuel your day with these homemade Matcha Energy Balls, a perfect blend of hearty oats, protein-rich nut butter, and the antioxidant powerhouse that is matcha, all rolled into one delightful bite-sized snack.

You need:

  • peanut, almond or cashew butter
  • rolled oats
  • chia seeds
  • agave syrup
  • matcha powder
  • shredded coconut flakes
  • vanilla protein powder

Get started:

  • In a bowl mix the rolled oats, chia seeds, cashew butter, agave syrup, matcha powder, and vanilla protein powder until smooth.
  • Scoop out and roll each energy ball by hand, approx. an inch in diameter.
  • Roll each ball in the shredded coconut flakes.
  • Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes & enjoy!

A great thing about these matcha seed bites is that you can store them in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks! Keep them in an airtight container and you can freeze them for up to 3 months. Not only are they so easy to make, but the convenience of having a batch ready to go and in your fridge for when that afternoon slump hits is perfect!

As you enjoy these energy-boosting matcha balls, remember that good health and great taste can coexist in every bite. Here's to empowering your day with wholesome nutrition and irresistible flavor!

Matcha, the vibrant green tea powder used in these energy balls, is packed with antioxidants called catechins, which are recognized for their cancer-fighting properties. Truly, health and flavor in harmony!

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