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Goodnight Renewal Cream

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Dream Repair Eye Oil

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Self Tan Elixir

Moisturising facial self-tanning elixir | 50 ml
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Why we love the Quadri Gold Complex®: an exclusive blend of botanicals


Nature is powerful. We witnessed this back when we still traveled a lot, to mind blowing places like Iceland’s Westfjords and the Scottish Highlands. It was during those travels that we fell in love with the soothing, balancing and uplifting effect that nature has on our soul - but also on our skin, as we discovered later when formulating our own skincare products.

Likami focuses on bringing the best of nature to your skin through carefully sourced botanical actives. Although we continuously research the best organic ingredients, there is one concoction in particular that we’ve centered our brand around. Meet the exclusive Likami Quadri Gold Complex®, an unique blend of four bioactive, organic superfood extracts.

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The best of four worlds

The full Likami range is enriched with the Quadri Gold Complex®: yarrow, St. John’s wort, burdock and sage. Why? Our mission has always been to bring your skin back into balance, no matter what skin issues you suffer from. We know that many people reach for natural skincare to soothe skin problems like acne, eczema and rosacea, so we created a calming blend of ingredients that does exactly that - and much more.

Skincare benefits of yarrow, St. John’s wort, burdock and sage

What makes our Quadri Gold Complex® so miraculous? In the following paragraphs, we’ll be highlighting each of the four ingredients from our Quadri Gold Complex® and their benefits for your skin. And guess what? These botanicals could basically grow in your own backyard, organically and with the power of the elements. Hello, nature’s best!

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow is a healing botanical active for congested, problematic and/or sensitised skin. The ingredient works astringent, is purifying and regulates sebum production, perfect to balance out oily skin. But yarrow does so much more than that: it also provides anti-aging benefits through its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to draw out free radicals, which are the true ‘bad guys’ when it comes to anti-aging. Does your face often feel puffy, especially in the morning? Then yarrow will definitely help with this too, as it’s a decongestivum that reduces swelling. Last but not least, yarrow stimulates skin renewal, resulting in extra glow and a smoother complexion.

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)

The botanical St. John’s wort is mostly known for being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. A super soothing botanical ingredient for redness, irritation and breakouts. This makes all the Likami-products with the Quadri Gold Complex® so calming. Whether you have super sensitive skin, suffer from rosacea or have the occasional spot popping up on your face - St. John’s wort will do its job in soothing, reducing redness and eventually clearing your skin.

Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Burdock is a nutrient-dense, water soluble ingredient. For centuries, burdock has been used to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis. This is with great thanks to its clearing, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating power. But burdock is truly a miracle worker for all skin types. Why? The botanical also boosts your skin circulation which aids cell renewal, skin healing and provides you with a lovely glow. On top of that, burdock is packed with antioxidants for an anti-aging effect - scaring away free radicals just like yarrow does.

Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Maybe you know sage from its usage in the kitchen pr you enjoy modern witchery and use sage bundles for smudging. But did you know that sage is not only traditionally burned to purify a space in your home, it’s also purifying for the skin? The astringent and antiseptic properties of sage make it a great addition to skincare products from facial cleansers and creams to body products, shampoo and even deodorant. Just like it’s brothers and sisters within the Quadri Gold Complex®, sage has a soothing, antioxidant and anti-aging effect on your skin.

Harmonising every skin type

Blending these four miracle workers allows us to create truly revolutionary skincare products. They provide you with a highly effective dose of nutritive elements and stimulate your skin’s natural healing process. Because of this, it doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin, if you suffer from acne or eczema, or if you just want to add a little bit of extra nourishment to your routine. Our Quadri Gold Complex® harmonises every skin type in the most powerful way.

The Quadri Gold Complex® in good company

Do we only use the Quadri Gold Complex® when formulating our products? No, of course not. It’s the perfect place to start and create a solid, soothing foundation for every skincare product. We actively research additional botanicals that each have their own unique function to benefit certain areas or skin conditions. Some examples of other ingredients that we like to use are aloe vera, anti-aging grapeseed oil, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil, regenerating orange blossom … and so many more. All in good company of the powerful, unique and iconic Quadri Gold Complex®.

Want to experience the healing, harmonising and boosting effect of our Quadri Gold Complex yourself? Discover our products in our webshop or via one of our selected retailers and don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you out.

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